The problem area of the project is little discussed and there is no elaboration or description in this respect of methods and tools of work that could support youth
workers in their activities dedicated to teenage mothers.

a tEenage MOThEr is an EU funded project that aims to support minor mothers in the proper functioning and preventing their exclusion by creating a modern, comprehensive approach that meets both their needs and enabling their development (social, educational and personal).

We look forward to exchanging ideas with you and to exciting project results.


These are the partner organisations of the project, responsible for the development of the different outcomes and the launch team for our European community of practice:

GESEME is a 26 years old Spanich organisation specialized in medicine, health, safety, psychotherapy, sports, training and healthy lifestyles. We have an intensive profitable activity and a team of 250 employees (medical doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, therapists, occupational health specialists, medical nurses, educational experts, etc.). GESEME is providing specialized services for: Tailored Vocational Educational Trainings in Occupational health and safety, Active ageing, Health and wellbeing, Psychotherapy, Alternative healing therapies (art therapy), Mindfulness, Sociology, Coaching for balancing the professional life with the personal one, Online Corporate health platforms, Campaigns for healthy habits, Health Surveillance, Occupational Safety, Sport Medicine, Physiotherapy.

With the main headquarter in Barcelona, GESEME has 17 offices across Spain (Madrid, Valencia, Malaga, Girona, Granollers, Zaragoza, Gijon, Santiago de Compostela, Jerez de la Frontera, etc.), aiming in the next 5 years to establish an office in each of the remaining Spanish regions.  

GESEME is the coordinator of a tEenage MOThEr

STANDO LTD is a research and educational organisation based in Cyprus, dedicated to the advancement of research and innovation. We are, at the same time, an approved VET Centre accredited by the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus. The strength of our enterprise primarily lies in our highly qualified team and its extended network

of international partners. » Website

Zavod Aspira, zavod za razvoj posameznika in družbe is a place  of passionate and curious people who develop their own selves. They explore, inspire and create a space where every passion has the opportunity to be born, to develop and to grow. For the brave and those who will become. For the dreamy and the curious. Because we want the power of  passion to change the world anywhere, anytime. 

INFINITY's main activities consists from educational, intercultural and sport activities at local level and in partnership with organizations on European and international level, awareness raising activities, seminars and conferences, capacity building and skill development activities (learning and training courses, workshops) for young people and adults, supporting gender equality issues, research and innovation, and exchange of good practices.

VIENNA ASSOCIATION OF EDUCATION VOLUNTEERS is a non-profit organization which aims to empower people, promoting advance education, modern pedagogy, educational technologies, peace, tolerance and social equality among people and educational institutions through assisting people and organizations in acquiring knowledge and developing their skills and competences for professional and personal success.

Inštitut pravnih znanosti, raziskave in razvoj na področju prava, Maribor is a non/profit research center, created in 2017. OPHIZ is the result of years of experience within the Academia. Most of its members are experienced Academics from all the fields of Social Sciences who, all together, have successfully implemented more than 300 projects.

European Institute for Diplomacy and Policy (EIDP) with its location in Rotterdam is a scientific non-governmental organization. Its General Committee is formed by local development stakeholders and specialists from various sectors of the civil society and European Member States. By engaging in research and developing the different fields of Cultural Diplomacy, EIDP aims to build bridges of trust and cooperation. This contributes to strengthen diplomatic bonds, improves relations between nations and communicates universal values and principles that only culture can convey.

EIDP is the initiator of a tEenage MOThEr

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a tEnage MOTheR

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